Insurance for cheaper student loans


In order for the bank to grant you a student loan, you must take out student loan insurance to protect yourself against the risks of death, permanent and absolute disability, and incapacity for work.

Save on the cost of your student loan by choosing another borrower insurance than that of your bank on the principle of the delegation of insurance in accordance with the Lagarde Law and Hamon Law.

Student loan insurance

Student loan insurance

Compare online offers to choose your student loan insurance and get the best rate that will allow you to save on the cost of your student loan compared to the price of the borrower insurance offered to you by the bank. Silas Lapham finds for you an insurance loan student cheap!

Make a request for a cheap student loan online

Make a request for a cheap student loan online

Student loan insurance required to cover the borrower of death, disability, disability

The student loan

student loan

The student loan is for students aged 18 to 28 years old. It allows the student to finance his studies or to finance the purchases of his choice. The latter does not have any account to pay the lending bank for its expenses. There are two types of student loans: the bank student loan, which is subscribed with any bank, and the state-guaranteed student loan, which is only issued by banks that have signed an agreement with the bank. State. The advantage of this type of credit is that its interest rate is usually lower than that of a conventional consumer credit.

Installation, school fees, purchase of a car… we offer insurance solutions to finance and insure your student loan. Insurance is mandatory, it can cover the student borrower risk of death, permanent and total disability, unable to work.

Personal loan: all steps and formalities

How to open a personal loan?

personal loan

To open a personal loan, you can contact a lending institution: a bank (yours or other) or a credit institution. It is also possible to get help from a broker, for a commission on the amount you will borrow. You are free to turn to the lender of your choice.

To find the most advantageous personal loan, the ideal is to compare offers for free on an online comparator!

Once your personal loan application has been completed, acceptance is not automatic. The lender reviews your file to see if you meet the qualifying conditions and if you will be able to meet your repayment obligations.

The conditions for obtaining the personal loan

Acceptance of your personal loan application meets certain conditions. These vary according to the lending institutions, which set their own criteria. Overall, here are the points that will be studied in your file:

  • Your professional situation : your age, your profession, your monthly net income, your type of contract;
  • Your personal situation : family situation, dependent children, if you are a tenant, owner …
  • Your banking situation : other credit (s) in progress …

Banks and credit institutions need all this information to control your creditworthiness and assess your borrowing capacity.

Even if the law does not impose it, some organizations also condition the obtaining of the personal loan to the subscription of a borrower insurance.

The legal conditions of the personal loan

If your request for a personal loan is accepted, the lending institution will offer you an offer. Before you take out a personal loan and sign the contract, the loan must provide you with a document that summarizes, among other things, the following:

  • The identity and address of the lender;
  • The type of credit, here a personal loan;
  • The amount of the credit: between € 200 and € 75,000 and its availability;
  • The duration of the contract (between 3 months and 5 years), the number and schedule of repayments;
  • The total amount due;
  • The annual percentage rate of charge (APR);
  • Indemnities in case of late payment;
  • The existence of a retraction period of 14 calendar days from the signature.

Note that unlike the credit allocated, the personal loan can be used for the purchase of any consumer goods or other services without justification. On the other hand, the personal loan can not be intended for the purchase of real estate or professional activity.

Repayment of a personal loan

Repayment of a personal loan

The repayment of the personal loan begins once the credit has been accepted, the loan amount has been paid and the withdrawal period of 14 days has passed. The amount to be repaid monthly has been fixed in the contract.

Early repayment case

As with all consumer loans, prepayment and full repayment of a personal loan is possible. The same is true for a partial early repayment, on one condition: the minimum repayment amount must be indicated in the credit agreement. It is necessary to contact the lending organization by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt and define with him the terms of the operation.

How to close a personal loan?

personal loan

The closing of a personal loan is done automatically on its due date. As soon as you have repaid all the monthly payments stipulated in the contract, the personal loan ends automatically.

However, it is possible to close the personal loan earlier than the date initially set in two situations:

  • Thanks to an early repayment , the terms of which have been validated by the lending institution;
  • With the withdrawal period , but only within 14 days of signing the personal loan.

Borrow Smart and Save Money – Budget Loans

There are many opportunities in life when one may need to take a loan. What happens, for example, if the car breaks down and you have to repair it or buy a new one? Or if you hurt your teeth and have to repair them urgently? Then a loan is often the only way out if you have not saved money. Many people are reluctant to borrow because they are afraid of the interest rates that are spent, but there are many ways to borrow smartly and financially. Everything is about comparing different loans and choosing the one that has the best conditions. By doing so, you save money and avoid unnecessary costs. An editorial over at

  • Find a loan with low effective interest rate
  • Take a loan that suits your financial conditions
  • Make a realistic budget

Borrow smart through the right planning

Borrow smart through the right planning

The most important thing when you need to borrow money is to compare different loans with each other. There are today many different lenders in the market and because of the competition it often offers good conditions. By comparing different loan offers with each other, you can borrow smartly and make it financially sustainable for yourself. What you first and foremost need to keep track of is what the effective interest rate is on the solution you are offered.

The effective interest rate is simply all the costs associated with the amount you borrow, such as interest, administrative and other fees. Many quick loans have received negative criticisms because their effective interest rates are very high. The truth is, however, that this need not be a problem if you are realistic with your repayment ability. That brings us to the second point: borrow smartly by planning the repayment. Never borrow more than you actually need and think about how your finances can change in the future.

Pay back in time

Pay back in time

It is first and foremost when one misses the repayment deadline that quick loans can become a major problem. If you have planned your repayments and follow them, you can actually borrow smart even by taking a small loan. Keep in mind that sometimes it may be better to take a loan with a longer repayment period, even though the interest rate can then be higher.

Traditional bank loans are usually the best option when it comes to low effective interest rates, but it is not always possible to obtain such a loan. If you only want to take a small loan that is repaid within a few weeks, this is usually a too slow solution. One tip is to see if there is any lender who offers interest-free loans for those who borrow for the first time. By this you can borrow smartly and cheaply.

Borrow smart through us

Borrow smart through us

In summary, it is about comparing different loans with each other and see what conditions are appropriate for one’s personal financial conditions. Both the repayment deadline, the interest rate and the payout period must be appropriate for it to be a good loan. We help you borrow smartly by comparing different lenders and loans with each other. Once you have filled in your details and found a loan that suits you, you can apply for it directly, completely free. Of course, the offer you then receive immediately afterwards is non-binding. By reviewing other users’ ratings of the companies we list, you can make a well thought out and good decision.


Co-applicant on Loan? Advantages and Disadvantages of Guarantor or Co-applicant on Loan.

When taking a larger loan, the bank can demand that you have a co-applicant. This happens when you do not have the income required for the loan to be approved. A co-applicant becomes an extra security for the loan and their income is also included in the loan calculation. It is most common that cohabiting or married couples seek together, or that parents of adult children become co-applicants on loans. In short, anyone who is the guarantor or co-applicant becomes as liable as the principal applicant. There are both advantages and disadvantages of being or having co-applicants for loans. Read on for more information.

  • May provide better conditions for the loan
  • It is possible to distribute the interest only on the main applicant
  • Especially common in home loans and car loans

Benefits of co-applicants on loans

 Benefits of co-applicants on loans

The advantages of having a co-applicant on a loan is that the bank believes that the repayment capacity is higher because there are several who share the responsibility for the payments. The fact that the repayment capacity is higher means that the banks consider it a lower risk that the money will be lost. This increases the chances of your loan being granted and it can also help you get better terms for the loan. It may be that you have to borrow a larger amount, pay less interest or other monthly expenses.

The most common is that you have a co-applicant on loans that are quite large, such as mortgage loans or car loans . It is not very common for quick loans to apply for with a co-applicant, but for such loans you are usually solely responsible for payment. If you have irregular or too little income to get a loan, you can use a co-applicant. It is also possible to make use of it if you have poor creditworthiness, for example due to payment remarks.

Disadvantages of co-applicants on loans

Disadvantages of co-applicants on loans

A credit report is always made on both parties so if both who apply for payment remarks, it can be difficult to get the loan granted. Then it may be an alternative to perhaps take each one quick loan without UC instead. Co-applicants on loans are as much liable to pay as the principal applicant. If the principal applicant does not handle the repayments, one can become alone with the debts.

The difference between being a co-applicant and a guarantor is that the guarantor must not take part of the borrowed money. When you are a co-applicant, half of the money is your own, but the guarantor receives no money but is only liable for payment if the loan is not paid. Even when you are a co-applicant on a loan, you can, as I have said, be obliged to repay the entire bank loan that has been paid out. It is therefore important that you can really trust the person you are borrowing with.

Banks that accept co-applicants on loans

Banks that accept co-applicants on loans

Usually one can say that it is when people buy things together that they become co-applicants. As always when you take joint financial decisions with someone, it is important that you can trust each other and that you are sure that you can keep their commitments. All banks do not allow you to have co-applicants on loans. If you want to find a bank that approves of this, you can use our comparison service. There you can fill in what loan you are looking for. Fill in the amount you need, how long or short you want the repayment deadline to be, and then get a list of all the banks with the loans you can apply for.

You Need Money Quickly from 200 to 5000 euros – Payday loan

Financial difficulties may arise at the worst, for example, if the next salary is more than a week. It is not possible to borrow money from friends and relatives. What to do in such a situation? Trust your financial solutions to bestcredit.


How to get the bestcredit payday loan in Estonia today?

How to get the bestcredit payday loan in Estonia today?

In addition, a payday loan is issued in Estonia in just 30 minutes. The special feature of a payday loan is the lack of a strict payment schedule. It is always possible for the client to change the terms of the contract, which is flexible enough to meet the needs and financial capabilities. It is possible to make a payday loan application 24 hours a day, but it is important to remember that the client must have a permanent source of income in order to receive a positive response.

If a customer applies for a loan for the first time, the identification process must also be completed. The application is very convenient, just go to the company’s website or use a suitable mobile application. Loans are issued in the amount of EUR 200-5000 with a maturity of up to 5 years. In Estonia, under the terms of a payday loan, the bestcredit client can apply for an additional loan.

It is important to understand that this company has been operating on the market for many years, offering its customers only high quality and high quality service. The company does not lend to anyone who wants it, which means they always check the solvency of the borrower. It is therefore important to include only relevant data in the application. It takes a few minutes to complete the application.


In order to get the bestcredit payday loan you only have to go through 4 steps.

  • As a first step, the customer must register on the company’s website, listing all the necessary information.
  • As a second step, he chooses the loan he needs. Bestcredit  payday loan is granted on favorable terms and the amount of the customer’s deposit depends to a large extent on the selected loan amount and maturity. It is important to understand that an enterprise may offer individual terms to a client after assessing its creditworthiness.
  • As a third step, the client completes the application. It is at this stage that there are often many questions that can always be addressed by professionals to get a quick response. The fourth step is getting the money into your account. If the loan decision is positive, the company informs the client by e-mail or SMS

Second Loans offered in Estonia

Second Loans offered in Estonia

In addition to payday loans, Bestcredit also offers other loans to its customers in Estonia.

In particular, loan real estate collateral, secured loan, auto collateral loan and tourist loan . The property-secured loan issued by the company is designed for serious expenses, in particular for the repair of the apartment, the purchase of expensive household appliances, etc.

It is important to understand that this loan requires the payment of notary fees, the cost of securing the collateral and the payment of the state fee for the mortgage application. The loan will be granted in the total amount of EUR 2,000 and up to 15 years. Interest is 13.9% pa , the maximum loan amount is up to 75% of the market value of the collateral.

The car loan is issued in Estonia only to the owner of the vehicle, while at the same time the car remains at the disposal of the borrower, but until all the obligations are returned, it remains in the register of the bestcredit company. The interest rate on such a loan starts at 3% per month, or 36% per annum. At the end of the term of the loan agreement, the collateral car may not be older than 10 years. In addition, the borrower must pay one per cent of the loan amount, but not less than 50 euros, as the award of the contract. The maximum loan amount that a customer may rely on for this loan product may not exceed 80% of the market value of the collateral.

It is also possible to get a payday loan from this Estonian company from the age of 18, but in order to obtain a successful answer to the loan application, the client must have a permanent source of income. If the customer has any problems with paying the monthly loan installments, contact the company to extend the loan. The customer is also entitled to withdraw from the loan within 14 days from the moment of signing the loan agreement by returning the company with a statement of interest.

In addition, the company has the bestcredit interesting innovation as a “loyal customer plus” status. This status would be given to the company’s best customers and allow you to choose your personal credit limit and use additional loans. It is mandatory to submit your credit history to get status. It is also recommended to install a mobile app for Android and iPhone to make transactions and view information about it.

The company’s bestcredit was founded in 2012 and almost all of its employees have ten years of experience in the financial sector. The company’s main task is to be the most convenient lender for its customers and financial partners by providing the best quality services that are 100% in line with customer expectations.

In addition, the company has developed internal customer service standards that every employee must follow. Generally, the bestcredit company can be considered a responsible, trustworthy and proven creditor that you can trust. Oga’s client finds its advantages here and the kind of services you need.